The Art of Giving Soothes the Soul

I am blessed to have had the opportunity to finish my Master’s degree in Intercultural and International Communication last year. In that program I met many outstanding people. Today, I am going to highlight the work of three women that are running current campaigns for non-profits.

My friend Kathryn calls herself a poor philanthropist. She started up a non-profit, Nicaragua School Project, a few years ago, along with Juan Carlos Roblero and José Andres Martinez, to help students and teachers by providing school supplies and educational support.

Nicaragua School Project

Rohan, who’s work in international development inspires me, is undertaking a Global solidarity challenge through VIDEA, a non-profit organization that she works at, along with Carol Mammel another fab graduate of MAPC-IIC.

These two women have been living off of $1.25/day for this whole week. I’ve followed their stories as they have community dinners and go without to raise awareness about community building, food and security issues. Their challenge ends tomorrow.

Let’s forgo the Starbucks coffee today and start giving. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and it soothes the soul. I’ve provided the links to the sites that you can donate to in this post.

Let’s help them make a difference.


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