Lake Padden Duathlon

In a recent post I mentioned that I am seriously considering doing a duathlon in October at Lake Padden. This weekend I made a trip down to the Lake to see what I was up against.

View at Lake Padden

Lake Padden, Washington

Looks pretty harmless right? The lake is calm. The view is spectacular; and the trails are even better. I loved my 5 mile ride on Sunday.

I did not have a map of the lake so I just started to ride. Later I learned that I was on the easy trail but that was okay, it was fun, I got a great workout and a better understanding of the surroundings. I will go back down to test out the expert trail (the 14 mile course that is part of the duathlon).

Here’s a picture of me being goofy by the water. Just as I was snapping this photo a dog came running up to me and I nearly fell into the lake 🙂

Anika at Lake Padden

You never know what you’ll find at Lake Padden. Raspberries growing by the water and a BBQ big enough to feed an army, or in this case a church.


Biggest BBQ I’ve ever seen

I’m on the road to healthy, active living and I’m loving it.



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