Dear wine, I miss you!

Pouring Red Wine

My favourite type of wine is…RED

Dear wine,

It has been 14 days since we locked lips and I miss you. I miss you dearly. Your luscious red colour brightens my day. I look forward to that glass of Cabernet as I start to make dinner. I know that you have not been hiding from me; you are readily available at any liquour store. I know, it’s been me. I’ve been cheating on you with water and carbonated water with a dash of lemon juice. I’m sorry. You see, I’ve been doing this raw challenge and since I was cleansing my body it meant that I had to cleanse my palette too. Just two more days and we will be reunited. I promise that I will even splurge for a nice bottle of Stag’s Hollow Gamay Noir. I miss you. I hope the feeling is mutual.

With love,



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