My First Raw Vegan Mayonnaise

Let’s be serious here. I love condiments. I can’t imagine life without them and my fridge is full of them. I can’t help but want flavourful food; so to be sure I keep a little bit of everything on hand just in case the dish needs a dash of flavour.

For the last month or so I’ve been contemplating being vegan again but I was reluctant to have bland food. You see, my experience 10 years ago was that my food was too boring. I endured veganism because I was mostly political about it and secondly because I was trying to eat healthy. The problem was that I didn’t have the time, I was a student, or the patience to make my food tasty. In the end I became anemic and had to introduce chicken, fish and dairy back into my diet. So here I am again, attempting to be vegan. This time not for political reasons (I still don’t want to hurt animals) but because I want to eat well and feel well.

I got the idea to do this raw challenge from Amy Layne. Check out what she has to offer and she’s right here in British Columbia. As I was perusing her site I gravitated to the recipes. I borrowed her Raw Vegan Mayonnaise recipe and I’ve just finished making it. Here it is in all of its splendour:

What I love the most about this creamy condiment is the kick that the mustard adds to this sweet but very savoury mayonnaise. Like Amy says in her blog post, this is a must have. I’m sitting here as I write nibbling on some celery, cucumber and red peppers dipped in this delicious mayo. Thanks to Amy for the great recipe. I look forward to adding this mayo to a few of my dishes in the coming weeks.

I hope you enjoy this mayonnaise as much as I do.



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