Running for GOLD!

I’ve always loved to run. At one point in my life, which seems like many moons ago now, I used to run 7 miles a day–and that was a bad day. Running was my release. I could leave work at the office and all of my thoughts were about my surroundings.

The only downside to running in Vancouver is if you don’t like to run in the rain then you will be running on a treadmill. I find running in the rain cathartic and it allows me to run farther because I breathe easier. My dogs never liked to run with me in the rain. They’d often stop at the park a couple of miles from our house and wait for me to come back to pick them up. It ended up being part of our routine. You see, they were Rottweiler’s. They are not generally running dogs. Those pups have passed on now so the running buddy I have now is a four year old on a bike with training wheels. HAHAHA! I bet you can imagine what that is like. I’m limited to the track behind my house so that there is less stopping and then she can play soccer while I run.

The other day I started to really keep track of my progress. I’m going to take running much more seriously and try to do it more often. I have even gone so far as to look up duathlon’s in my area. I figure, why not? I love riding my bike and I love to run. Let’s put all this love to the test and set myself up for my next challenge.


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